Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is a Section 17?

Penal Code Section 17(b) provides an opportunity to request that a criminal conviction be reduced after sentencing from a felony to a misdemeanor for most - not all - offenses, and even from a misdemeanor to an infraction for certain specified violations.

The long term effects of a felony conviction are obvious. It can be used to deny employment, professional licensing, firearm possession, and certain government benefits. And the stigma alone associated with having a felony on one's record can be personally devastating.

In the event you have suffered a felony or misdemeanor conviction in the past and have successfully completed your probation (and did not serve your jail term in state prison), in most cases - not all - you are eligible to apply for a reduction.

In most cases you will receive a result within 60 days or less.  Please feel free to contact my office now for a free initial consultation.