Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There's Hope if You're Arrested for Domestic Violence Pt. 1

In the event you are unfortunate enough to be arrested for an alleged "domestic violence"  offense, there are a few things you should know before you go to court.

1) In the event there is no protective order or restraining orders in place, and the alleged "victim" is available and willing to discuss the matter, you may want to ask that he/she appear in court with you to the arraignment.  

In most cases the court will impose a protective order against you at the arraignment which can either be a "no contact" or "peaceful contact" order. 

In the event the alleged victim does not appear to request a "peaceful contact" order, the court will be obliged to issue a "no contact" order. This can be personally devastating and require that you be separated from the victim (and even minor children) for a year or more unless it's otherwise modified. 

Part 2 of 3 will be provided in my next post. Contact my office now to arrange a free consultation or visit my website for further information. 

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