Saturday, June 1, 2013

You've Been Arrested - How Soon Should I Hire a Lawyer?

I am often asked by potential clients how soon should they hire a lawyer. My answer is always the same: "as soon as possible!"

If you've been arrested for a felony or a misdemeanor offense, having an attorney early-on can help mitigate any penalty you're facing. If your attorney is experienced and familiar with the customs, personalities and policies of the court that has jurisdiction over your case, he can devise a defense strategy and take important first steps which can favorably affect the ultimate disposition of your case.

The only reason not to hire an attorney are the fees associated with doing so. Retaining an experienced attorney can be expensive. Obviously, no one plans into their budget the cost of hiring a lawyer. But unless you're not particularly concerned about the longterm effects of an arrest, a simple cost/benefit analysis will always land in favor of hiring an attorney to help mitigate the serious consequences you're facing.

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